Pronomio Marine and Energy limited maintains an unyielding commitment to safety/security and the environment. As a core value, safe operations and the protection of the environment are not just priorities but are the foundation upon which PMEL operates.

Our organization is fully international standard compliance .Company’s SMS (Safety Management System) is certified and audited repeatedly against the ISM code by Flag-Administration and Classification Societies auditors.

Additionally, our system is currently under the process of implementation and certification to the Quality -ISO9001:2008-, Environmental -ISO14001:2004- and Occupational Health – ISO 18001:1999-.

Our HSQE department controls assess and reports to the high management results regarding and suggest for improvements.

To achieve our objectives in Pronomio Marine and Energy limited, we are using the following Guidelines.

Policies– What standards we follow

Leadership and Commitment – How we demonstrate that we are serious about HSE

Capability – How we organize and manage our personnel and resources to safely undertake our business

Environmental Management – We do not harm the environment

Risk Management – We understand that risks need to be controlled and this is how we do it.

Activity Planning and Procedures – How we systematically identify the actions we will perform to meet our objectives.

Monitoring and Reporting – How we know whether our management of HSE is achieving the results we want it to.

Audit and Management Review – We know we are doing things as planned.

Continuous Improvement and Learning – We are committed to doing better