Our Tailored Shipping Agency Approach

Pronomio Marine and Energy Limited approach views every agency as a distinctive professional services, valuable to the management as well as to the customer. Our approach and our methods address the needs and concerns of the customer especially in the turn around vessels.

Herein lies our distinctive competence – we never allow our vessels to be delayed at ports.
Pronomio Marine and Energy Limited has the resources–material and human (intellectual) required for the purposes of facilitating the Ship Husbandry.

Our local knowledge of operating conditions and strong relationships with all Local Authorities – Departments, ensures your best interests are maintained. We are proud of our expertise in handling all types of vessels from Gas – Chemical –Dry Cargo Carriers – Oil tankers in all Nigeria Sea Ports.

As a service provider, we have learned to listen. Our success depends on our ability to fulfill our clients requirements as they develop over time.

Emphasis on professional judgement

Judgement pervades every aspects of our work, because absolute certainty is no more obtainable in Shipping Agency. We apply judgement constantly in assessing the reasonableness of the many decisions and estimates that underlines our customer’s needs.

Pronomio Marine and Energy Limited approach emphasizes sound informed judgement exercised by experienced personnel in all phases of Agency. The judgement of management is applied during planning to identify areas requiring emphasis, areas that are significant and areas that require only limited supervision during the assignment to encourage and apply it skillfully.

Comprehensive Assessment of Shipping Agency and Logistics Support.

Some Agency entails a high level risk. Analyzing, assessing and responding to significant risks are essential features of our planning, approach and are a challenge to our skill and judgement. Our plans address the risk of the particular customer’s job with emphasis on the areas of higher potential risk, in order to make the best allocation of human and materials.

Ours is more than a profession rather a passion. We excel in experience, quality service, transparency, performance, flexibility. Whatever is your vessel logistic requirements, call PRONOMIO MARINE AND ENERGY LIMITED, is your perfect partner in Nigeria. We ensure a smooth turnaround in ports with the following services:

Berth reservation
Clearance in/out
Customs clearance
Immigration clearance
Load/discharge operations
Crew transfer
Delivery of ship spare parts
Lube oils
Fresh water
Hotel reservation
Garbage removal
Waste oil removal/disposal
Hydraulic oils
Offshore services
Towage services
Divers services
Ship repairs